Directly on the beach...

Topographically, the campsite is located in a flat area and thickly wooded, located at 15 mt. above sea level and 20 meters far from this. The beach is only sand, is protected by a natural bay determined by the so-called tip "of the two fortresses". The mild climate makes recording as are temperatures ranging between 15 and 35 degrees, which often allow bathing in the winter months.

The mirror of the sea front of the camping as well as being crystal clear, has a bottom that slopes gently into deeper that you leave the shore, it is particularly suitable for exercise scuba diving, the skiing , sailing and other sports. the beach on which overlooking the camp is very clean. The sea is especially suitable for children.

The camping is located 8 km from Licata (to the west) and 20 from Gela (East), on the left bank of the valley which forms the boundary between the municipalities of Licata and Butera and the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta. The location is significantly close to the Valley of the Temples, the archaeological sites of Sabucina, Morgantina, Piazza Armerina, Gela, with 8 km to the services and facilities that can offer a city like Licata, and visual relationship with the castle of Falconara the Middle Ages. The beach that overlooks the camp is very clean.

We are open all year round!